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Jergon Sacha Capsules 

- 3 Packs of 90 Capsules | 7 Packs of 90 Capsules
- 100% Natural, No Additives
- Size 0, Vegetarian Capsules
- All prices include shipping: North America / Europe / South America

Discover the ancient health secret with Jergon Sacha (Dracontium spruceanum)! This treasure from the Peruvian jungle has been researched for 9 years by the prestigious Peruvian universities of San Marcos, Cayetano Heredia, and UNI, unveiling its astonishing antioxidant power and remarkable immunological action on alpha cells. This is nature's powerful antiviral supplement.

What Makes Our Sacha Jergon Special?

Firstly, we use proper milling machinery to achieve a concentration of 4:1, giving our supplements a superior strength compared to others. We also wash and peel the raw product, using proper sanitary practices, ensuring that it is instantly sent to the dehydration oven, as it is prone to oxidize rapidly. Secondly, we dehydrate our freshly cut Sacha Jergon at a slow and low temperature, ensuring that its medicinal properties are not destroyed. Thirdly, we do not mix our Sacha Jergon powders with other filler powders. Our product is 100% pure Sacha Jergon, and nothing else. Our supplier also harvests Sacha Jergon from pristine land in the Amazon, using sustainable practices while preserving the natural environment.


When buying from other vendors, they will usually mix their powders to save on costs, and mill by hand resulting in weak granular powder. If they are washing and peeling at the least, and assuming they are using proper hygienic practices, usually the raw product will oxidize before it is given a chance to dehydrate. This is a crucial step in preserving the root, as Sacha Jergon oxidizes just as potatoes do when they begin to turn brown after peeling. This step is crucial, as it may require multiple personnel to quickly peel, cut, and transfer the product to a large dehydration oven.They will often manually cook the Sacha Jergon at a high temperature, without recording its proper heating temperature, and sometimes not evenly dehydrating every part of the chopped product. This can result in burning parts of the raw product and altering its chemical composition, which destroys its beneficial properties. Jergon Sacha is a very delicate root and that is why we handle it with utmost care.


Shipping Times


2-4 Weeks (Average delivery to Canada/US/Europe is 10-14 days). 


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