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Muna Leaves Capsules-

- 3 Packs of 90 Capsules | 7 Packs of 90 Capsules
- 100% Natural, No Additives
- Size 0, Vegetarian Capsules
- All prices include shipping: North America / Europe / South America


Muna (Minthostachys setosa) is used as an infusion for its carminative and stomachic properties. It is an excellent digestive after heavy meals. It has a slight mint flavor that makes it very pleasant when served as a tea. Due to its high calcium content (4.7 times more than Maca) it can be a good supplement in the diet since it favors the growth and maintenance of bones and teeth. 


It favors the proper functioning of the nervous system and prevents osteoporosis, in addition to recovering bone fractures. Avoid decalcification of bones and teeth. Calcium deficiency causes tooth decay and rickets. It also has a high phosphorus content that strengthens the hardness of bones and teeth, in addition to intervening in coagulation. Avoid osteomalacia or softening of the bones. 


Its iron content favors the formation of red blood cells and prevents anemia. Due to its high content of essential oils, its use is contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation and neonates. It is not recommended to use it in overdose or for a long time because it has side effects, such as liver dysfunction.


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