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Discover the exquisite flavors of our Peruvian Coffee Beans, carefully selected from the lush highlands of Peru. These dense, hard beans are grown in the high Amazon at an altitude of over 1300 meters, honey processed, ensuring a unique and exceptional taste profile. Our honey processed roasted beans are meticulously processed to guarantee the highest quality. Rated Cup 84, this coffee promises a delightful and balanced taste experience with every sip.

Product Features:

  • Origin: Peruvian Highlands, High Amazon (Junin)
  • Altitude: +1300 meters
  • Processing Method: Honey
  • Bean Type: Arabica
  • Cup Score: 84
  • Flavor Profile: Expect a harmonious blend of bright acidity, subtle sweetness, and rich, complex notes of chocolate and fruit.
  • Aroma: Inviting fragrance with hints of floral and citrus.
  • Bean Characteristics: Dense, hard beans
  • Perfect for: Home roasting enthusiasts and specialty coffee lovers seeking a premium, high-quality bean.


Why Choose Our Peruvian Coffee Beans?

  • Sustainably Sourced: We work directly with local farmers to ensure ethical and sustainable farming practices.
  • Freshness Guaranteed: Our green beans are packed immediately after processing to preserve their freshness and unique flavors.
  • Versatile: Ideal for various brewing methods, including pour-over, espresso, and French press.

Elevate your coffee experience with our Peruvian Coffee Beans. Whether you’re a seasoned roaster or new to the world of specialty coffee, these beans are sure to impress with their distinctive taste and superior quality.

How long does shipping take?
All shipments are sent via DHL Express at no extra cost, arriving in 7-10 days **
Packaging: Product arrives in a box with product sealed in a plastic bag, unless requested otherwise.

** For the best pricing, contact us for LCL shipments and coffee exports **


Peruvian Coffee Beans - Honey Processed Roasted Beans - Cup 84