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Gelatinized Red Maca Root

-  2 Packs of 85g | 4 Packs of 85g | 10 Packs of 85g | 20 Packs of 85g | Wholesale
- 100% Natural, No Fillers
- Ideal for Smoothies, Drinks, Baking & Cooking, Capsules
- Free Shipping on ALL orders to N.America / Europe / Latin America
- Wholesale Prices Available


Gelatinized Red Maca Root offers a concentrated and convenient form of one of nature's most revered superfoods. Sourced from the high-altitude regions of the Peruvian Andes, this premium-quality maca root undergoes a specialized gelatinization process, enhancing its digestibility and bioavailability while preserving its nutrient integrity. Rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and adaptogenic compounds, Red Maca Root is celebrated for its ability to support hormonal balance, energy levels, and overall vitality. Whether blended into smoothies, added to baked goods, or stirred into beverages, this versatile superfood powder provides a convenient way to harness the ancient wisdom of the Andes and optimize your well-being. Experience the power of Gelatinized Red Maca Root and unlock a new level of vitality in your daily routine.

Packaging and Printed Labels


When ordering in wholesale (907g - 25kg), if you require printed labels, there is an additional cost of $15.30 per kg. The service includes packaging in doypack bags of your choice (85g to 500g), and printing labels sized to fit the packages, front and back. This service does not include applying the labels, and they will be sent in the box to apply upon arrival.

Example: If you order 5 kg in 100g bags with printed labels, you wil