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Become a Superfoods Distributor

Are you looking to make profits selling, trading, wholesaling, distributing, or exporting our superfood products? We're ready to help! We provide free consultation in marketing and promotion for our distributors. If you plan on using Google Ads to gain leads, we provide you with a free keyword report. Start selling and promoting!



10% Profit

When you sign up for our Affiliate Program, you can promote our products online, via social media and blogging. For all recurring sales, you will earn 10% commission. Once approved, you will be given an affiliate link to track all purchases. 

This option is best for affiliate marketers, influencers, bloggers, or those who have a good following on social media. Samples will be sent to you free of cost. 

Dropshipping is another viable option for those who already have an ecommerce store. When an order is placed on your website, you would simply send us the order details and payment.


For: Bloggers, Influencers, Marketers



  • Earn revenue with all referrals

  • No business or investment necessary

  • All orders shipped from our end

  • Earn revenue via Blogging, Shop Visits, YouTube, Instagram or other social media posts

  • Earn revenue by posting banner ads on websites or using email marketing



100% Profit

When you become a distributor, you are buying at wholesale prices, and reselling our products to buyers. You may sell products to retail stores or directly to buyers online. 

You can start with anywhere from 5kg - 25 kg with mixed products, and order to replenish stock. Once you know your best sellers, you can save on shipping costs and import by sea freight. You receive packaged and labelled products, ready-to-sell on the market. Contact us below or f
ill out our order form.


Markets Served: Food Retail, Bulk Shops, Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Natural Food Stores, Supplement Stores.



  • Have ready-to-sell products delivered to your city

  • Sell to retailers, shops, and stores

  • Sell products on Amazon, Faire, Etsy, etc.

  • Buy products at a discounted price and resell at your given price

  • Labelling and packaging offered.

  • High volume and high revenue profit




100% Profit

Start selling on Amazon, Etsy, iHerb, eBay, or other ecommerce platforms. Simply place a minimum order of 5-25 kg, which can be mixed.


Your products come individually packaged, sealed, and labelled, ready to be sold online. This is a great option for those who are looking to grow and expand their online stores, offering premium products to consumers.


For: Online Sellers, Amazon, Etsy, iHerb, Shopify Website, Online Selling Platforms.



  • Setup your own ecommerce store

  • Grow your own online store

  • Create your own website

  • White label products ready to label

  • Advertise and promote your brand

  • Have your own branded products delivered directly to your customers

  • Start with a small inventory and only re-order stock when needed.

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