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  • How much is shipping and how long does it take?
    FREE SHIPPING Shipping is included in all prices. We offer highly discounted flat-rate shipping costs based on the size of your order. We have maintained the lowest possible prices for our products and continue to lower our prices whenever we can, and we opt for a transparent pricing system. The higher the weight, the better the price you will get when ordering. If you order 50 kg, we will send you 2 boxes of product: with each box weighing 25 kg. Each shipment arrives in a box that weighs a maximum of 30 kg. For example, if you order 90 kg of product, it will arrive in 3 boxes that each weigh 30 kg, totaling to 90 kg. *If you have a specific question about shipping for your country, simply send us a message. Shipping times may vary and are subject to change without notice. Shipping Times We process your product fresh from Peru from the most recent harvest, ensuring that you get fresh and potent products. Shipping can take anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks for North America, and 3-4 weeks for Europe and Asia. On average, our orders arrive in US / Canada in 10-14 days, and to Europe in 12-17 days.
  • How long does processing my order take?
    Depending on your order, the times can vary. For a definite and accurate estimation, simply send us a message. All orders ranging from 100g - 1kg will be sent within 3 business days. From start to finish your order is processed, filled, and shipped by human beings! For the highest quality and freshness, all of our products are processed to order, rather than pre-bagged sitting in a warehouse for months. We pride ourselves on this personal touch to ensure every package is perfect.
  • Can I add to my order after it’s placed?
    We can allow you to pay a separate invoice or make a payment for anything else you would like to add to your order. Because our payment processing center pre-authorizes your credit card for the total amount of your order, we are unfortunately unable to make changes. Due to ecommerce regulations and for our customers' protection, we are not able to charge more than your original pre-authorization. Adding to or changing the order is not possible without voiding the pre-authorization or canceling and refunding the original order (assuming it has not yet been shipped).
  • My order has not shipped yet, can I cancel it?
    Because we process your order as quickly as possible, we can only accept order cancellations by 3 PM Eastern Time the day the order is placed. Requests for order cancellations received after this time will only be accepted at our discretion. In most cases, if we have not yet started your order, we are able to cancel it if needed.
  • How do I apply a coupon code?
    Before completing your purchase, at the checkout, you will see an option to enter a promo coupon code. Simply enter the code, and the coupon will automatically be applied to your order.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we ship internationally to all countries. We have shipped to South America, North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia without any problems.
  • Are all of your products organic?
    We strive to sell organic products whenever possible. Not all products are organic certified due to cost and allowing us to sell at a lower price than other suppliers, however we ensure that it has been grown without pesticides or herbicides. Our quality control team are constantly testing our ingredients to ensure they meet our strict specifications and are free from adulterants and contamination, including pesticides. If you are interested in importing products with organic certification, simply message us.
  • How are your products packaged?
    Our product packaging is designed to protect the high-quality botanicals inside. For finished consumer products less than 900g, we normally use sealed tri-laminated plastic bags (multi layer) to keep the botanical goodness inside fresh. In order to save on shipping costs, we send products less than 2kg in a plastic bag with bubble wrap. Other bulk orders above 2kg will be sent with 1kg sealed bags in the box.
  • Can I return a product? What if I received the wrong item or my order was damaged?
    All refunds and compensation of products are viewed on a case by case basis and at our careful discretion. If you have received the wrong product or damage occurs, please contact us by email with the subject line “Return” : Be sure to include photos and order number.
  • There was an error message when I tried to check out, what now?
    If you are experiencing an issue while entering your payment information, the billing address you entered might not match the address of the card being used. Our payment system requires that the billing address provided matches the card for our customers’ protection—this is a feature of the payment verification system that Pure Inka Foods and many online companies use. Please contact your bank to ensure your billing address is correct or if there are any other issues that may cause the payment to be rejected.
  • Where is my tracking information?
    Most orders take up to 2-3 business days to leave our facility after being hand-poured, scooped, and packaged with care. Rest assured, we will automatically send you an email with your tracking details and an estimated arrival date! If you have any questions about the status of your order, don’t hesitate to call our customer service team with the subject line “Shipping” to
  • Why does it take so long for an item to come back in stock?
    We prefer to let our shelves sit empty rather than sell our customers inferior stock. While it would be easy to purchase lesser quality food products, we are committed to bringing you only the best. Our growers are regularly impacted by unpredictability due to weather, crop success, and even international crises including conflict. When items do arrive at our facility, they are subject to our rigorous quality control process in order to make sure we only provide the best herbal products to our customers. We recommend signing up for a Back in Stock email notification on the website. If some or all sizes of a product you’re searching for are out of stock, you will see a gray “Notify when in stock” button. Click this, and you will be able to sign up for an automatic email notification upon restocking. You can keep track of and manage your notifications by using your online account.
  • Does Pure Inka Foods sell on other platforms?
    We currently sell internationally on Etsy and eBay. This is to help attain approval of end users and ensure that our products meet high market standards. Upon securing an agreement with a distributor, we would not be able to sell in that country for that particular product except with the permission of the distributor. These details would be set out in the contract.
  • Do I have to pay tax or custom fees?
    Pure Inka Foods does not charge sales tax, which is in accordance with Peru's tax laws. However, you may be charged custom fees, depending on the regulations of your country. The buyer is responsible for these fees. Your country's customs may impose additional fees for purchases that are larger than what is considered personal use or exceeding a certain value. Each country will differ slightly. As a seller, we are not responsible for any additional fees that may be charged to you upon entering your region. If you have any questions about custom fees, message us so that we can guide you in that respect.
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