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Types of Packaging

You may choose to have products packaged with or without your logo print, sent to you at an additional cost that will be included in your quote once we have the amounts determined. This only applies to orders greater than 500 units and greater than 50 kg. These are not the only packaging types available, but they are the most popular. If you have another packaging style in mind, simply contact us to see if it is available.

Coffee Packaging - Stand-up Pouch (Doypack)

These are the most commonly used types of packaging for coffee products. All styles include a zipper seal, which is standard. Style # 11 is called side fold flat bottom and allows the product to stand, while offering various colors for packaging. This style is also offered with small side windows to view the product.

Doypack (#6, #5) offer the best packaging for stand-up food products, that will not easily fall over. They also offer the added benefit of a window (transparent section) to view the product. Style #6 is Paper doypack, whereas style #5 is plastic doypack. Style #12 is plastic doypack with no window.


Transparent Stand-up Pouch (Doypack)

This type of packaging is ideal for dried foods, grains ,herbal teas, and powders. All packaging includes a sealable zipper. Style #1 is transparent with a white backdrop. One side is transparent and the other side is white, allowing the product to be visible on only one side. This is one of our most popular styles in packaging. Style #4 is purely transparent, which allows the product to be seen from both sides. Any of the other doypack styles above can also be used.


Paper Stand-up Pouch (Doypack)

This type of packaging is ideal for dried foods, grains, and herbs. We do not recommend these for powders. This type of packaging is generally free of plastic, offering a more eco-friendly appearance. There are two main style types: completely opaque (no window) and with window (transparent section). Choosing a style with a window will depend on whether you want your product to be seen by end-consumers or not. Keep in mind that Style #8 is the most costly since it requires more work.


Other Packaging Presentations

There are other packaging presentations available. If you require another type of packaging, simply contact us below and we will see if it is available. Style # 9 are types of bagging that do not allow the product to stand-up. These are ideal if products are to be hanged from the shelves or laying flat down.

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