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15 Packs of Capsuels | Mix and Match
- 100% Natural, No Additives
- Size 0, Vegetarian Capsules
- All prices include shipping: North America / Europe / South America

** When ordering, please specify in the message box how much you would like of each. You are allowed up to 5 different products: Example: 3 Huanarpo Macho, 2 Liver BitterEase, 3 Aguaje, 3 Black Maca, 4 Muna **


Shipping Times

All shipments are sent via DHL Express, averaging 5-10 Days, depending on your location.


Product Labelling & Packaging

Message us if you would like to inquire about labelling or other packaging presentations.


Please ensure your delivery address is correct before completing your order. To avoid any delays, enter your email and phone number so we can use it for the courier service. We are unable to take responsibility for the delay or loss of a parcel where incorrect or incomplete delivery details have been provided. Your country's customs may impose additional fees for purchases that are larger than what is considered personal use or exceeding a certain value. Each country will differ slightly. As a seller, we are not responsible for any additional fees that may be charged to you upon entering your region.

Types of Supplements:

Female Supplements
Male Supplements
Sexual Health Supplemetns | Fertility
Gym Supplements | Energy
Digestion + GI Health
Organ Health + Heart Supplements
Brain + Mind Supplements
Overall Wellness | Vitality

** See next section to learn about the types of supplements **

15 Packs of Capsules - Mix and Match - Free Shipping

  • Female Supplements:
    MenoEase Balance (Aguaje + Red Maca)EstroBoost Curves (Aguaje)
    Acai Berry - Immunity + Antioxidant
    Green Coffee - Weight Loss

    Male Supplements:
    Jungle Vigor (Huanarpo Macho)
    ProstaPowder (Black Mashua Powder)
    Amazonian ProstaPowder (Mashua, Cats Claw, Annatto Leaf, Chuchuhuasi)
    ErecSure (Huanarpo Macho + Gelatinized Black Maca)

    Digestion + Gut Health
    Tocosh (Stomach + Gut Health)
    Muna (Digestion + Immunity)
    Paico (Parasite C