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Aguaje Fruit Powder
-  2 Packs of 85g | 4 Packs of 85g | 10 Packs of 85g | 20 Packs of 85g | Wholesale
- 100% Natural, No Fillers

- Ideal for Smoothies, Drinks, Baking, Skin-care Regimens

- Free Shipping on ALL orders to N.America / Europe / Latin America

- Wholesale Prices Available


Aguaje fruit, also known as buriti or curvy fruit, is a vibrant tropical gem revered for its unique shape and potent nutritional profile. Originating from South America's Amazon rainforest, this reddish-orange fruit is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, offering a delicious and nourishing culinary experience.

Packaging and Printed Labels

When ordering in wholesale (907g - 25kg), if you require printed labels, there is an additional cost of $15.30 per kg. The service includes packaging in doypack bags of your choice (85g to 500g), and printing labels sized to fit the packages, front and back. This service does not include applying the labels, and they will be sent in the box to apply upon arrival.

Example: If you order 5 kg in 100g bags with printed labels, you will be charged an additional $15.30 x 5 ($76.50 in total). If you are needing special packaging and printed labels, simply indicate this in the message when checking out your order (e.g. 100g bags with full labels), and we will send you a separate invoice to pay for the service after completing your order.


Otherwise, by default, all unlabelled orders of 907g or more will come sealed in 1 kg bags (bulk), so you can package and label them according to your needs. All product variants marked as "labelled" will come with a 5x10 cm label indicating the product.

If you require full labels for these products, please indicate "Full labels required", and we will send you a separate invoice for $1.50 per label (includes front and back), with the labels sent inside the box.


Shipping Times2-4 Weeks (Average delivery to Canada/US is 10-14 days). Shipments of 1kg and up are sent via DHL Express (approximately 6-10 business days), unless requested otherwise, and you will need to pay the customs clearance fee to DHL, which is approximately $13.50 USD.


Mixing & Matching Products 
If you would like to mix various products into one order, please contact us to attain the best price quote possible.


Aguaje Fruit Powder - Curvy Fruit - Buriti - Female Hormonal Supplement

  • What is Aguaje Powder?

    Aguaje Powder is a nutrient-dense superfood made from the pulp of the aguaje fruit, also known as the buriti fruit and curvy fruit. This vibrant orange fruit is native to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and is renowned for its exceptional nutritional profile. The fruit is harvested and then carefully processed to create a fine powder, preserving its natural goodness.


    Harvest: Fruiting occurs all year round, with a peak harvest during the rainy season from July to December.  


    * For orders larger than 1 kg, if you selected Pure Inka Foods Labels, stickers will be sent inside the box to be applied upon arrival.

    * For orders larger than 100 g sample bags, use the specified selections (e.g. 900 g, 5 kg, 10 kg, etc) to avoid being charged the higher shipping rate. 


    Note on Wholesale Prices: Due to air shipping costs, you save more when you buy more. As an example for Canada, buying 1 kg, you pay $45 per kg in shipping, whereas buying 25 kg, you would pay $27 per kg. That's an average savings of $18 per kg. Importing via ship cargo for a 300 kg export would cost you $3.70 per kg in shipping costs.


    For all orders larger than 25kg, fill out this order form. For all orders larger than 300kg, fill out this order form.