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Quinoa Protein Powder

-1 Pack of 426g | 2 Packs of 426g | 4 Packs of 426g | Wholesale
- 100% Natural, No Fillers
- Ideal for Smoothies, Drinks, Baking
- Free Shipping on ALL orders to N.America / Europe / Latin America
- Wholesale Prices Available


Quinoa Protein Powder offers a plant-based powerhouse of nutrition derived from the revered quinoa grain, cherished for centuries in the Andean region for its exceptional health benefits. This finely milled powder presents a versatile and convenient source of high-quality protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Ideal for vegans, vegetarians, and fitness enthusiasts alike, Quinoa Protein Powder supports muscle recovery, promotes satiety, and fuels energy levels naturally. Whether blended into smoothies, stirred into oatmeal, or incorporated into baking recipes, this gluten-free and easily digestible powder elevates your daily nutrition with the wholesome goodness of quinoa. Embrace the vitality of Quinoa Protein Powder and nourish your body with the strength of ancient grains.

Packaging and Printed Labels

When ordering in wholesale (907g - 25kg), if you require printed labels, there is an additional cost of $15.30 per kg. The service includes packaging in doypack bags of your choice (85g to 500g), and printing labels sized to fit the packages, front and back. This service does not include applying the labels, and they will be sent in the box to apply upon arrival.

Example: If you order 5 kg in 100g bags with printed labels, you will be charged an additional $15.30 x 5 ($76.50 in total). If you are needing special packaging and printed labels, simply indicate this in the message when checking out your order (e.g. 100g bags with full labels), and we will send you a separate invoice to pay for the service after completing your order.


Otherwise, by default, all unlabelled orders of 907g or more will come sealed in 1 kg bags (bulk), so you can package and label them according to your needs. All product variants marked as "labelled" will come with a 5x10 cm label indicating the product.

If you require full labels for these products, please indicate "Full labels required", and we will send you a separate invoice for $1